5 SCARY Ghost Videos That Will Make You Say NOPE !

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Top 5 SCARY videos of GHOSTS caught on camera!
CREEPY stuff this week - a ghost that wanders the halls of a haunted hospital in a scary tiktok video, ghost hunters find shadow figures in an abandoned haunted house, a scary ghost in an abandoned house, a creepy apparition claws at a window, and poltergeist activity where a spirit plays the knock knock game during a paranormal investigation.
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  1. Naeya Aki
    Naeya Aki
    Acum o Zi

    What He Captures is Truly... BIZZARE! ...Terrifying... F**K!!!

  2. Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez
    Acum o Zi

    Ricky is fake

  3. Julia Marie Madness
    Julia Marie Madness
    Acum 2 Zile

    1:53 or 1:54 evp "trouble"?

  4. SB Productions
    SB Productions
    Acum 3 Zile

    Tik Tok= cringe + fake

  5. Prambudi Nur Adhitama
    Prambudi Nur Adhitama
    Acum 4 Zile

    I just finished watch this episode, i think you can change the title of no. 4, "the last patient" into "Noah, Get the boat" ✌😂

  6. 74_ trolll
    74_ trolll
    Acum 5 Zile

    Me going alone: I'm brave enough. 2 seconds later when I drop my phone: OH HELL NOO

  7. Glenn Horvath
    Glenn Horvath
    Acum 5 Zile

    I didnt say nope and I will leave you to decide....you're getting the big bucks. Thank goodness you're not a doctor." Mr Jones, it could be cancer or it could be an elaborate hoax, or nothing. I'll let you decide..."

  8. Michael White Jr
    Michael White Jr
    Acum 6 Zile

    I wanna do this 💯

  9. jagdish tiwari
    jagdish tiwari
    Acum 7 Zile

    Please see at 11:58 you can see something just moved outside the window!!!

  10. jagdish tiwari
    jagdish tiwari
    Acum 7 Zile

    11:58 when men starts running something just move outside the window .. If you see clearly

  11. B-Rye
    Acum 8 Zile

    I live in Reno. This house is demolished and gone also the foundation was ripped out and everything literally everything was filled in with dirt the ONLY thing that remains is the curved driveway. It was actually called the Kelsey house near VC

  12. Kevin
    Acum 8 Zile

    the ghost was peeing

  13. Callum Purvis
    Callum Purvis
    Acum 8 Zile

    imagine dying in hospital and then your ghost is trapped in that hospital and then they go and demolish that hospital. ... hospital

  14. DJ ThomBomb
    DJ ThomBomb
    Acum 8 Zile

    0:27 b0O0O0OBiiiieees

    1. Kaffe094
      Acum 6 Zile

      damn they big 😩 👀🥵

  15. Natural Order
    Natural Order
    Acum 9 Zile

    Anybody else see that strange wisp go by the middle of the dark doorway at 16:50?

  16. jack willis
    jack willis
    Acum 9 Zile

    Jaguar is such a badass name

  17. Jày kîng Gūïte
    Jày kîng Gūïte
    Acum 10 Zile

    Nowadays nuke don't say you dicide

  18. collin laughlin
    collin laughlin
    Acum 11 Zile

    that look like steder man

  19. Green Arrow
    Green Arrow
    Acum 11 Zile

    We need a 3m special

  20. Bearly Alive
    Bearly Alive
    Acum 11 Zile

    It's kinda depressing about that hand pressing against the door, if it was one of the workers who got burned imagine that's what their last way of escaping was as they burned to death.

  21. Christiane Brown
    Christiane Brown
    Acum 11 Zile

    g gyhgnyg g vg go

  22. King Pro
    King Pro
    Acum 14 Zile

    I JUST SAW the shadow figure was looking in window of hospital room.

  23. underdog punk
    underdog punk
    Acum 14 Zile

    Ghosthunters with fancy gadgets is just wack to me while no shit ghosthunters like xiaolong and arabian ones is so compelling man

  24. Thundertrain2930
    Acum 15 Zile

    Dude with the tattoos in clip 1 looks like Ronnie radke combine with zak bagans

  25. Kenneth Aaron
    Kenneth Aaron
    Acum 15 Zile

    Nuke: did you hear it Me: what was that Nuke: did you see it Me: what stop playing with me

  26. jackie scorpio
    jackie scorpio
    Acum 15 Zile

    Why is it that 99% of the time when someone gets a good EVP the "ghost" always whispers? Rarely do they speak loud, as if they don't want the other spirits to know they're communicating

  27. Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee
    Acum 16 Zile

    Pretty sure Noah was Pullin legs lol

  28. Sr. Nothing
    Sr. Nothing
    Acum 16 Zile


  29. Ezekiel Amaterasu
    Ezekiel Amaterasu
    Acum 16 Zile

    Dog falls off chair.. must have been pushed.. what a load a bullcrap

  30. Chris DeAngelis
    Chris DeAngelis
    Acum 18 Zile

    Check out the perfect FULL shadow figure of a person standing at the very end of the hall at exactly 6:46 Just before he sees something in the room. There's no doubt...

  31. Franchise Fanatic
    Franchise Fanatic
    Acum 18 Zile

    That's a dude in the beginning?

  32. Sourish Bhattacharyya
    Sourish Bhattacharyya
    Acum 18 Zile

    I really like nuke's talking style

  33. SuperSilence23
    Acum 18 Zile

    The twin paranormal team looks scarier than the ghost.

  34. Tim Lilleystone
    Tim Lilleystone
    Acum 19 Zile

    for the 2nd one, he could be saying 'c-mon'', then walk away, wanting them to follow him/her?

  35. Dusty Rancher
    Dusty Rancher
    Acum 20 Zile

    What’s with the flashlight having different color? Like wouldn’t the regular led be best to see

  36. Awais Satti
    Awais Satti
    Acum 21 o Zi

    I like it when he say " Did You See it" 😁

  37. Cynthia Casados
    Cynthia Casados
    Acum 21 o Zi

    When the hospital bed moved in the hallway, shouldn’t have the ghost hunter ran to see who pushed the bed? Other video:When ricky goes to that old building with the older gentleman: Ricky claims to say he didn’t know a boy ran across the doorway till viewers told him? If this was the case, why would he post that part of the video for viewers to see? If he didn’t see it. Why post a picture of the door. Prove ur viewers wrong

  38. MC_Pablo
    Acum 21 o Zi

    First i thought Twin Paranormal team are making Rap Battles video 🤣😁

  39. HenryH HD
    HenryH HD
    Acum 22 Zile


  40. Allegiance
    Acum 22 Zile


  41. The Architect Of The Hounds
    The Architect Of The Hounds
    Acum 23 Zile

    Imagine being haunted by your own son. I guess he was tired of being fed all those green beans.

  42. Ness The Best
    Ness The Best
    Acum 23 Zile

    I like how all the title's and thumbnails are cringe but the actual videos are amazing.

  43. 302tastic Fishing
    302tastic Fishing
    Acum 23 Zile

    At 4:03 Nuke sounds like Forest Gump

  44. That Moth Has Fuzz
    That Moth Has Fuzz
    Acum 25 Zile

    bruh when i saw the title of the video i went like YUP! im going to see this

  45. Matt Lipnick
    Matt Lipnick
    Acum 25 Zile

    Is this a ghost or just an elaborate hoax?

  46. L.D Palmer
    L.D Palmer
    Acum 26 Zile

    There is shadow movement and a potential orb : bottom left of door behind him at 16.51 min.

  47. Marcus Hardigan
    Marcus Hardigan
    Acum 27 Zile


  48. Raditya Rahman
    Raditya Rahman
    Acum 27 Zile


  49. Paddy Miller
    Paddy Miller
    Acum 28 Zile

    Number 3 has to be genuine. That literally made me chill up.

  50. Dodo Poe
    Dodo Poe
    Acum 29 Zile

    I see a hand

  51. Ronald Sinclair
    Ronald Sinclair
    Acum 29 Zile

    Why go. Why listen to him. Let him go go go go go..

  52. Ronald Sinclair
    Ronald Sinclair
    Acum 29 Zile

    Dont say if anyone is upstairs make yourself known. Run up and look. Grow a pair and run up

  53. Irvin Auchumbit
    Irvin Auchumbit
    Acum lună

    If I were a ghost and the guy(?) Ryan came looking for me, I would be scared. Ghost was happy however, he does not have to suffer living among this generation.

  54. NiraLightshine
    Acum lună

    Also if it was a actual evp, they wouldn't be hearing it with their own ears. My gf does actual paranormal investigations, not this fake shit that youtubers do. With actual investigations? You actually almost never find evidence, no matter how haunted the place is. And my gfs group investigates some extremly haunted places. And hate youtubers like the idiots on youtube and stuff like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures as you can clearly see how fake their shows are.

  55. Aspect demon
    Aspect demon
    Acum lună

    1:34 my boi just dissapeared to thin air

  56. Jeremiah Nakogee
    Jeremiah Nakogee
    Acum lună

    Jaguar is someone you’d definitely want for an investigation man was calm even when scared😂

  57. Natasa Roncevic
    Natasa Roncevic
    Acum lună

    I. whas that guy lol :)

  58. agam payama
    agam payama
    Acum lună


  59. snap patruce
    snap patruce
    Acum lună

    1:35 How do you know you’re watching fake videos? When they accidentally make their friend disappear in post.

  60. zoomzoom885
    Acum lună

    Demons can change, they want us to think we seen good spirits but often it’s a demon evxpecially when spirits are food ones

  61. Joanna Prince
    Joanna Prince
    Acum lună

    whenver you hear some "investigator" starting freaking out loud...whimpering...do ya'll say "SHHHHH!"? as well? or is that just me? I appreciate the ghost hunters who manage to stay quiet and can observe holding the camera still. Takes some bravery, but the images/sounds captured are well worth it

  62. C Mcd
    C Mcd
    Acum lună

    Break's my heart 💔 when I know these kids are on their own,in the middle of nowhere,I know their ghosts but it's sad knowing their on the other side all alone, it's heartbreaking to think of them scared and alone 😢

  63. Joseph Pardy Music
    Joseph Pardy Music
    Acum lună

    Of course I heard the outcry

  64. Tammy Biggs
    Tammy Biggs
    Acum lună

    I love you so much nuke I love your ROsection channel so much 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  65. Somya Shrivastava
    Somya Shrivastava
    Acum lună

    And after that we can see him just walking to them its like at that point of time he wasn't even there with them..that's scary....

  66. Somya Shrivastava
    Somya Shrivastava
    Acum lună

    Okay i don't know if i am imagining things but during the twins paranormal video at exactly 1:35 their friend nick kinda just disappears when his friend pins the camera when one of the twins tell him to move the camera to his right side😱😱😱 I maybe wrong but it really creeped me out......

  67. Kimberly Mason
    Kimberly Mason
    Acum lună

    Nuke's is my favorite channel hand's down!!! It seems like he's the most realest out of all the paranormal channels!! An has the best phrase's like "It didn't go well" & "Did u see it?"

  68. Kimberly Mason
    Kimberly Mason
    Acum lună

    Hey low key this is a way Nuke's shouting out AOK Reactions!!!

  69. Typical Lauren
    Typical Lauren
    Acum lună

    Go to minute 5:56 and and you can see a shadow

  70. Riana Coetzee
    Riana Coetzee
    Acum lună

    The members of twin paranormal freaks me out!!! Those tattoos and piercings aren't doing them any justice

  71. ORION
    Acum lună

    Before he flash the green light WTF I freak out at jaguar

  72. pluto dior
    pluto dior
    Acum lună

    1:35 yall didnt see that dude disappear ???

  73. Vough Barcelona
    Vough Barcelona
    Acum lună

    Hi jase

  74. Yishay Z
    Yishay Z
    Acum lună

    10:43 and u didn’t see that shit? Lols wow😆

  75. Shea Bagtaz
    Shea Bagtaz
    Acum lună

    The scariest thing about that third video was that they use Microsoft edge on their taskbar

  76. Jake Jones
    Jake Jones
    Acum lună

    On number 4 u missed a black finger standing there looking at him at 6 min and 47 seconds down the hole

  77. Marianallvlog
    Acum lună

    Why the "ghost hunters" have always shitty camera?

  78. Panav
    Acum lună

    6.28 if you look at the floor reflection you can actually see someone

  79. who knows
    who knows
    Acum lună

    i believe because almost every sighting in all of these videos have similar apparitions

  80. johnbluray
    Acum lună

    At the end of the episodes nuke finds a way to make them funny

  81. Daniel Fout
    Daniel Fout
    Acum lună

    I'm probably a little late but does anyone else see the shadow and light anomalies in the doorway at 16:38

  82. Sean Garrison
    Sean Garrison
    Acum lună


  83. Who Matterss
    Who Matterss
    Acum lună

    nuke makes me see things in the videos that just aren't there when I go back and look there gone

    Acum 2 luni

    13:10 the way he called the puppy! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  85. Mr. Stressed Cat
    Mr. Stressed Cat
    Acum 2 luni


  86. Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki
    Acum 2 luni

    What in the name of loki is a spirit box😂

  87. Maria Amajiki
    Maria Amajiki
    Acum 2 luni

    nuke's Chanel is the best countdown Chanel

  88. Maria Amajiki
    Maria Amajiki
    Acum 2 luni

    is the doggy okay 🥺

  89. fuzzwuzzy41
    Acum 2 luni

    Hey Nuke, Which video was the one with the Randonautica?

  90. David Carter
    David Carter
    Acum 2 luni

    See me on Twitter bla bla bla bla bla. Best comment ever.

  91. Robin Wright
    Robin Wright
    Acum 2 luni

    Someone behind him at the window when he got scratched

  92. Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville
    Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville
    Acum 2 luni

    That Ricky Velasquez one looks like a bat landed on him and the flew off.

  93. Vergel Tuble
    Vergel Tuble
    Acum 2 luni


  94. Angie Leonard
    Angie Leonard
    Acum 2 luni

    I'll tell you these people are brave going into these dark rundown places especially by themselves

  95. Jason Daigle
    Jason Daigle
    Acum 2 luni

    The 2nd location at the hospital all things look as though they can be faked 100%

  96. Raiyan Hossain
    Raiyan Hossain
    Acum 2 luni

    Ghost hunter: Come out! Ghost: Okay, I'm coming out! Ghost hunter: Screams Ghost: Hey, you said to come out!

  97. S. Smith
    S. Smith
    Acum 2 luni

    Ryan and River are more annoying than buzzfeed unsolved

  98. TarHeel
    Acum 2 luni

    Ghosts were rolling on the floor with laughter at Ryan’s face tattoos

  99. Musings Of An Insomniac
    Musings Of An Insomniac
    Acum 2 luni

    What's the song playing at the end?

  100. V1-CONTACT
    Acum 2 luni

    One thing I really appreciate about the nuke Ghost channel is my faith in Jesus Christ getting stronger Thank you so much! 1+1 = 2